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Office Water & Ice Dispensers

Aqua Hydration Solutions provides, installs and services a wide variety of tabletop or freestanding water systems and ice dispensers for your office.

Our water coolers and ice machines use your existing water lines which means you have a steady, consistent, pure source of water without the hassle and cost of jugs and bottles.

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Jugs and bottles of water can be expensive to replace, not just in terms of how much you pay for them but also because they take up so much space. With Aqua Hydration Solutions systems that only requires one monthly rental fee (no more costly buying or replacing jugs!), there's always a fresh supply right at your fingertips!
Office Water and Ice Dispensers

Why Choose Aqua Hydration Solutions?

Unrivaled Purity With Great Taste

Choose our unique, multi-staged filtration process to experience unrivaled purity up to 99.999% COVID-secure and great-tasting purified water for your employees.

Plumbed-in system

Our water coolers are plumbed into your existing water supply, providing limitless access to great tasting purified water.

Flexible to fit any office

Choose between a countertop or freestanding water unit, depending on your workplace and your requirements.

Many water options, one machine

Many of our models provide multiple types of water from one machine. Our machines allow you to enjoy up to 5 water types, including sparkling and PH/Electrolyte boosted.

Drink More. Pay Less.

Our customers save 30 to 70% of their water cooler cost

With the high markup of water cooler prices, 90% of what consumers pay for with bottled water goes toward bottling, shipping, marketing, profit, and other hidden costs, not on the water itself. With Aqua Hydration Solutions, our customers save 30-70% of their water dispenser cost by switching from a bottled water cooler to our bottleless water dispenser. Our fixed monthly rental and planned maintenance ensure you have no hidden expenses in your water price that can cause spikes in your company’s spending.
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Aqua Hydration Solutions is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are proud to provide you with high-quality water and ice dispensers for your office. Contact us today for a free quote!
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