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Follett 7

The 17.5” tall 7 Series countertop is the only ice and water dispenser specifically designed to fit underneath overhead cabinets. This dispenser produces up to 125 lbs of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice per day, while holding 7 lbs of ice in storage, ideal for work groups up to 50 people.

An optional base stand allows the countertop model to be converted to a freestanding unit.

Other key features include sanitary, capacitive touch dispensing, and a unique drainless design that refreezes melt water from the storage hopper, allowing this model to be installed virtually anywhere there is water and electricity available.

Water Options:

Extra Hot
Serves 1 - 50 Users
Advanced Filtration System
Produces 125lb of Ice Daily
Comes in Freestanding and Countertop Models
Agion® Silver-based Antimicrobial Surfaces for Key Ice and Water Components
14.62" Width x 22.12" Depth x 17.62" Height
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